How it works

MemeZoo is Currently in Beta: Features may change at any moment without prior notice.

  • By signing up and using the app, you are considered a tester, and you acknowledge that changes may occur during the testing phase.

  • Stay informed by joining our Telegram community for real-time updates and discussions: MemeZoo Telegram.

  • Please read our Terms and Conditions for more information.

Credits and Features

  • Paid subscribers receive 50 Like Credits and 50 Meme Credits upon subscription.

  • Meme Credits are used to generate memes, with a cost of 5 credits per meme.

  • Like Credits are used to like memes, and each like earns the meme owner 1 Like Credit. (1 cent USD)

  • Like Credits can be cashed out in real currency once you reach a minimum of $10


  • Use your referral link to get 10% for every sign up from your link.

  • There is a referral link in each share meme button. So anyone sharing a meme will have their referral link attached.

If you have any ideas or questions

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