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Welcome to MemeZoo. This is your zoo of memes. Where we can make money by having fun. Monetizing your hilarious memes is not easy. As soon as you post it, it's gone, with the wind of social media copy and paste.

At MemeZoo your memes - are YOUR MEMES... Unless you sell it of course. See all those likes? Thats money! Every like is 1 cent. It will add up over time. Especially if you have a huge gallery. And it only takes seconds to create a meme.

We're hoping to create a meme market where memes can generate money just from being funny, and also be bought and sold where the owner is clearly defined. We're working on ways to sell your memes outside of MemeZoo, and even integrate it into blogs and articles which link back to you so you can make even more money. This is the new Meme Economy.

OK so maybe you're just not that funny, it's ok, we can generate you a new sense of humor. For free! And you can keep it too!

We are in beta so bear with us. Don't worry, you still get paid in beta mode.

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