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Last Updated: Jan 15 2023

Welcome to MemeZoo! Before you dive into the world of AI-generated memes and unleash your creativity, please read and understand our terms and conditions. By using our app, you agree to comply with the following terms:

1. Beta Testing Disclaimer:

  • MemeZoo is currently in Beta Testing, and as such, features, functions, and rules may change without prior notice.

  • By signing up and using the app, you are considered a tester, and you acknowledge that changes may occur during the testing phase.

  • Stay informed by joining our Telegram community for real-time updates and discussions: MemeZoo Telegram & MemeZoo X (Twitter).

2. Account Types:

  • Free Account: Users with free accounts do not own the rights to the memes they create. These memes are for personal use only.

  • Paid Account: Subscribing for $1 provides you with a paid account. With this, you own all rights to your memes, including commercial usage.

3. Credits and Features:

  • Paid subscribers receive 50 Like Credits and 50 Meme Credits upon subscription.

  • Meme Credits are used to generate memes, with a cost of 5 credits per meme.

  • Like Credits are used to like memes, and each like earns the meme owner 1 Like Credit.

  • Like Credits can be cashed out in real currency.

4. Merchandise Printing:

  • Paid subscribers can access the feature to print and sell their memes as merchandise.

  • Please note that the merchandise printing feature is in beta testing, and its availability may vary.

  • We do not guarantee the quality of the merchandise as it is handled by a third-party during the beta phase.

5. Future Features:

  • MemeZoo plans to integrate crypto payment gateways and crypto cash-out options soon.

  • We will also introduce NFT and other web 3 features in the near future.

6. Usage and Community Guidelines:

  • Users must adhere to our community guidelines and ensure their content complies with applicable laws.

  • Be respectful and avoid offensive, discriminatory, or harassing behavior.

  • Do not spam or engage in any activity that disrupts the platform.

  • Protect your account credentials and avoid sharing them with anyone.

  • MemeZoo reserves the right to remove content that violates our policies or is deemed inappropriate.

7. Termination of Service:

  • MemeZoo may terminate or suspend your account at any time for violating our terms or for any other reason deemed necessary.

  • • MemeZoo is provided "as is" and without any warranties. We are not responsible for any problems or damages arising from its use.

8. Governing Law:

  • These terms are governed by and construed in accordance with the laws of the United States.

Thank you for being part of the MemeZoo community! Have a roaring good time creating and sharing your memes.

Contact email: MemeZoo.info@gmail.com

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